Whether it be liquids and creams, powder, tablets and capsules or gels, bottle filling is a core offering of PrimePac Solutions and an effective way of packaging and distributing your product for single-use or refill consumption by the end user. PrimePac Solutions have the expertise, capability, and resource to handle production run sizes from 1,000 units through to millions of bottles and can offer a range of pack-off options for secure transit and distribution.

PrimePac can either source all the componentry on your behalf, such as the bottle, cap and label, or receipt your free issued componentry for filling, capping, coding, labelling, packing and palletisation. You can liaise with our expert team to design, procure, manufacture, and distribute your product so that PrimePac are your one-stop in your supply chain.

Some of the bottling services PrimePac offer are:

  • Mixing and blending of bulk product
  • Glass or plastic bottles
  • Screw cap, pump, mist spray or trigger spray closures
  • Induction sealing of bottle neck for tamper evidence
  • Various labelling or sleeving options
  • Bespoke mouldsĀ  for bottle shape and sizing

Some of the after packing options PrimePac offer are:

  • Shrink-wrapping of bottle or carton for tamper-evident, secure transit
  • Shrink-sleeving of bottles for tamper-evidence or printed design finish
  • Bulk packing a set number of bottles per outer box
  • Cartonning of bottles into printed display packaging