Jars and Tubs can be used with a wide array of products. We offer filling of anything from a 2ml glass jar up to a 5kg plastic tub. PrimePac can either supply the componentry or can take delivery of your free issued raw materials for conversion into finished goods at your given specification.

With our free standing Auger, and labeler in tow, we can fill and label your powder jars and tubs with ease.

Liquids, cream and lotion jars and tubs can be filled quickly and efficiently with our King Line or Hi-Bar, and labelled on or labeler.

With our lovely new tablet counter, we can precisely fill the jars and tubs with any required quantities.

Some of the pack specifics that PrimePac offer are:

  • Typical fill volumes from 2ml to 5kg and above
  • A range of jar or tub materials available
  • Pre-printed, ready labelled or plain jars or tubs that require labelling
  • Push on cap, screw lid, lotion pumps and more
  • Powder, liquid, cream or capsule fills

Call PrimePac Solutions today on 01495 364958 or email sales@primepacsolutions.co.uk to speak to one of our team.